We accept both PC and MAC files. To help you setup your files you can download templates for Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw and Quark. Please download and use them so your setup is correct, especially if you have never setup cards before.

For pagemaker users. We open pagemaker files in Adobe Indesign on the MAC. Sometimes there may be problems importing your files into Indesign so we need a PDF / fax proof from you along with your files. Make sure to include all fonts and supporting files you used. For PC users it is important that you use standard cross-platform fonts so their won't be font problems when opening your files on a MAC.
For pagemaker files there may be a small setup fee depending on if their are complications when importing your files. We will inform you of the cost, if any, before prepping your file for printing. All supporting images, fonts, etc. must be stuffed. Compress them into a .sit, .sea or .zip format. 

** NOTE ** We highly recommend that you setup your files in the programs listed below to get optimal quality or have a professional graphic designer setup the file for you. For the investment your are putting into printing quality postcards, you want them to print as best as possible.



We accept files saved at high quality 300dpi resolution from any program (such as Macromedia Freehand, Publisher) as a TIFF, EPS or JPEG. For a business card with bleed the size is: 1125 x 675 pixels. For a 4x6" postcard that would be: 1875 x 1275 pixels.

Indesign to version cs: Convert all fonts to outlines. Ensure all colors are in CMYK.  Save and send files as a .sit or .sea, or .zip format.  Make sure linked images are EPS or TIFFS, and not JPGS and in CMYK format and embedded when possible. Otherwise submit all linked images with file.

Quark to version 6.5: Send all fonts and ensure all colors and any images used are in CMYK.  Save and send files as a .sit or .sea, or .zip format.  Make sure linked images are EPS or TIFFS, and not JPGS.

Photoshop to version cs2: Save file in CMYK colors. Resolution of file should be 300 dpi/ppi.  Save and send file as an EPS or TIFF.  Compress file when possible before sending. Ie. LZW with TIFF files.

Illustrator to version cs2:  Make sure colors are in CMYK.  Convert all text to outlines.  Save and send file as an EPS. Stuff/ZIP file when possible.

Corel Draw to version 12: Include fonts or convert text to curves. Make sure colors and images are in. Save and send file as a .cdr (Corel Draw) file. Stuff/Zip file when possible.

Note: Save back of your business cards, postcards and bookmarks in GRAYSCALE and fronts in CMYK colors.  Files sent in RGB or Pantone colors will be converted by us to CMYK printing colors.  At times significant color shifts do occur when converting colors, so we highly recommend that you setup your file in CMYK colors and save yourself any disappointments when colors are converteds.

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