10 reasons why your cards should be printed by us.

We print on high quality 6 color Heidelberg offset press.

We print our cards using direct plate technology at 200 line screen and 3386dpi

We print our cards on 14pt, double coated Premium Card Stock and our flyers on 80 lbs or 100 lbs gloss stock.

We UV coat the front of our cards, giving them a beautiful, high gloss finish. The ink on uncoated material rubs off in client's hands. (You can still write on the back of our cards since the back is not UV coated)

We print fast - on a weekly Friday to Friday basis.

We do not charge extra for full bleed cards. You can pay upto 25% more for full bleed cards.

We do short run printing, so you don't have to order 5,000+ at a time. (You can if you want though, we'll gladly oblige, and give you an even better rate.)

You can send your files to us directly from this website. If you prefer to send your files by mail though, we accept CDs or DVDs.

Ordering is easy, just go to our order center and follow a few simple steps.

You get quality printing, great family service at low prices.


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