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You have two options when submitting printed order forms.

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1. Payment in full is required for all orders before cards are printed.
Note: Order cancellations will automatically be charged a minimum of $50 setup charge. However, If your cards have gone to print then you will be charged in full for the order.

Note: We expect all files submitted to us to be print ready. We fax/email proofs as a courtesy for you to double check your work prior to printing. However if we do not hear back from you by Monday 2 pm EST your job will go to print at our sole discretion. Any errors are your sole responsibility and you will be charged in full. So please ensure files are correct before sending them to us.

2. Color is printed to YWPIT's standards, i.e. pleasing color. Exact color match is not guaranteed. Color laser copies or other proofs are not considered accurate prepress proofs. Color conversion from RGB or pantone colors to CMYK can cause a significant color shift.

3. Borders must be no less than 1/4” on any side before bleed size.

4. On UV coated cards so slight scratching may occur on the back of the cards. Small hickies are deemed acceptable at the sole discretion of YWPIT.

5. After delivery of job. Any print issues must be brought to our attention within 7 days. YWPIT is not responsible for any job related issues brought up after this period. Please make sure you inspect your order upon delivery and notify us immediately if you have any concerns about your job even if it is your error.

6. YWPIT shall in no way be liable for damages in excess of the purchase price of the services provided or for incidental or consequential damages.

7. All delivery times are approximate. YWPIT tries to ensure you get the cards when we say they would be delivered. However there is that odd time an error may occur on the printing of your job and your cards are delayed a week. YWPIT shall not be liable for any damages resulting from deliveries made later than expected.

8. Quantities are not exact. 95% to 110% of order constitutes a full order.

9. YWPIT reserves the right to retain and use samples unless prohibited by the customer in writing when order placed.

10. All material provided to YWPIT is unencumbered by copyrights. You the customer have full rights to reproduce the supplied content.

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