Option 1

To ensure that your order is printed and shipped out on time we accept payment by Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Simply put your payment information on our secure online order form or if you like you can print and fax the order form with payment information.

It is important that you complete an order form every time you order. A new order form is required with payment information even if you are a repeat customer and order weekly.

Option 2

For companies that use POs and mail out checks we ask that you call or email us and request an invoice faxed to you. Let us know the details of your order, including shipping address. Your company can make a check payable to "Yes We Print It Inc" and send it with your completed order form. You can send your files by Internet or by CD, DVD disk. Payments by check can "delay" your order a week until the check is cleared through the bank. To expedite your order - put your credit card information on the order form which we use as security until your check has cleared the bank.

Option 3

For large orders we may ask for Check/ Certified Check... This is used primarily for first time customers who order over $2000.

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