Please ensure files are error free prior to sending them. This will save you a minimum $15 file replacement charge to cover our time in prepping your file for print.

Files that are less than 5MB can be sent by email to:

Note: Some service providers do not allow files larger than 5MB to be sent through their server. If you are unsure, you may try submitting a file larger than 5MB and if you receive an automated confirmation from us then you know your file was received. Otherwise you will have to send your files by FTP.

To send us large files via the Internet (5MB to 100+ MB) you have to use an FTP client software such as WS_FTP for PC users and Fetch for Mac users. This software will bypass any file size limitations set by your Internet provider and allow you to send files directly to our server. Ideally if you are submitting files larger than 10MB you want to be on high speed internet access.

FTP Settings:
User ID: cpupload1
Password: Masl2#18
  upload your file (s) with settings to binary and leave any directory options blank in fetch.

To reduce your upload time we ask that you compress your files. All MAC files should be stuffed including "fonts and linked images". All PC files should be zipped. If software is required please visit Stuffit and WinZip respectively.


Most people submit by email or ftp to save time and courier expenses. However for some this isn't an option. So for those who need to use a courier to send large files can do so by mailing them to:

Yes We Print It Inc. Attn: Prepress
67 Grapevine Circle
Toronto, Ontario M1X 1X6

Remember to send CD, DVD only.


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