1. Setup your digital file as per file setup specifications.

2. Submit your MAC/PC files to us via e-mail or FTP or snail mail on a CD/DVD or Flash Card.

Please make sure file is correct. You will be charged a $15- $25 if you resubmit new files after we've prepped them and have emailed you a proof.

3. Complete secure order form or print and fax our order form. Please ensure payment information is filled out. You will get a confirmation that your online order form was submitted.

4. Wait for email approval. This happens usually within 24 hours. Monday - Friday.

Disclaimer: We expect all files submitted to us to be print ready. We email proofs as a courtesy for you to double check your work prior to it going to print. However if we do not hear back from you by Monday 2 pm EST your job will go to print at our sole discretion. Any errors are your sole responsibility and you will be charged in full. So please ensure files are correct before sending them to us. This will also ensure you are not charged any file replacement charges.

* Please note volume (2500, 5000, 7500, etc.) pricing is for printing on our net 2500 flats. These flats may have AQ coating on the back. AQ coating may make it difficult to write on with some pens. If you want it on the non-AQ coated flats. Let us know and we will place it on our net 1000 flats. However, there will be a higher pricing as your card will take up more space on our flat runs. Quantity will be in multiples of 1000, 2000, 3000, etc. Email us for pricing.

If there is an error in the printing you are required to contact us within 10 business days. Any refunds will only occur upon the return of the shipped cards. You are responsible to return them at your expense. Or we can reprint and reship a new batch if we are at fault.

Happy Printing!

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