Order 4 sets of 1000 @$199/1000 or 5000 postcards and get FREE black and white /grayscale backimprinting.


You must indicate Promo # on Order Form.


Combo Specials

Combo 1. #C1
1000 (4/1) Business Cards and 1000 Postcards for $298
Combo 2. #C2
1000 (4/1) Bookmarks and 1000 Business cards for $298
Combo 3. #C3
1000 (4/1) Business Cards, Postcards and Bookmarks for $449

The information on the printed cards must be for the same company. You can not combine orders for different companies.


Promo Line

All our postcards are discounted $25/1000 cards to allow for the placement of our promoline on the back. Unless you are reselling the postcards you are required to put our promoline on the back. If you are not a reseller and want the promo line removed please add $25/1000 to the cost of your order.
"Printed by (416) 497-0270"
Use toll free # if you are not in the local Toronto area. (800) 537-8789

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