This is for customers who do not have the high end graphic design software to create their own business cards but would like to have high quality offset printed business cards.

Our FREE Setup consists of:

1. One picture scan (additional scans at $15 a piece)

2. Typeset of 100 words or less for both front and back.

A./ The best way of sending your order.

1. Do a mockup of how you want the business card setup in Word, Publisher or Powerpoint and email us your file.

2. Mail us your photograph if you can not scan it at 300dpi quality. If you can then email us your photograph and we'll have a look at it. If its usable we'll let you know otherwise we'll ask you to send us a better quality image.

B./ Login to our Create your own card section of our website

1. We are also giving free setup if you order through our "create your own card section" of our website.

a. Select a background image
b. Select font and type placement
c. Complete order form with payment information

We setup your card and e-mail you a proof. You will make sure there are no typos and email back your approval ASAP.

Remember this is Free BASIC Setup. If you need high end design work, we recommend you find a graphic designer and pay for their services. We'll give you a nice looking card however we do not have the time for design work.. ie logos, etc. We can always refer you to a designer if you like.

The *FREE Setup consists of a file setup by us in 30 minutes or less. Once a proof is sent to you as per "your" mockup or selection from "Create Your Own Card" section of our website its deemed final. We will correct any typos incurred by us for FREE.. however if type changes, placement, etc are required after we have setup your file as per "your" original instructions...we will have to charge you for the additional time at $50/hour. Minimum charge is $15. Average is $25

In addition if you decide not to proceed with the order of business cards after we have spent time setting up your digital file and emailing you a proof. Then you will be billed a minimum of $25 to a maximum of $50 for our time.

*FREE setup does not mean that we do a mockup of what you want and send you a proof so you can decide afterwards if you want to order or not. We do the *FREE setup as per "your" instructions of what you want. If you decide afterwards that you are unhappy with *your* choices of business card layout and don't want to proceed with the order. Then we will charge you a minimum of $25 for our time.

*FREE setup is a service we offer to those who don't have the high end graphic design programs and want a quality looking card but don't want to pay $100s in design costs. Its only FREE if you proceed with the order of 1000 business cards.

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