When you open the templates you will see instructions on how to setup your files. We have templates for business cards, postcards, bookmarks, flyers and brochures. Select the program you need templates for and you will be directed to the proper page. We have compressed the templates which can be opened up by either Winzip or stuffit expander They are Free. We have also added some standard color selection in Quark templates. To help you select colors we've uploaded a color swatch that can be viewed online.

Templates available for Quark Xpress - Adobe Illustrator - Adobe Photoshop - Corel Draw

If you are unable to download an expand these templates for whatever reason... or if you need us to send you a custom template that is not available here. Email us at info2011@coloritprinting.com with your specifications and the program you are using. We offer templates only in the 4 programs listed here.

Quark Templates Adobe Illustrator Templates

Adobe Photoshop Templates

Corel Draw Templates
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